Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Week in Pictures

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist #2

Complete #2

1. Topshop Khaki Knitted Stud Cotton Jumper - I saw this jumper in Topshop yesterday during a very limited shopping trip and it's sooo nice! It feels really nice and looks really warm, perfect for the bipolar weather we have in England.

2. River Island Black High Shine Tube Pants - In real life these are a lot more shiny looking and seem to be a good dupe of the American Apparel disco pants which are currently not even near to my price range, sadly, so I think these would be a much more affordable pair to buy.

3. MAC Charismatic Lipstick - Since buying my last MAC lipstick, I've just wanted to buy so many more and I think this would be the first purchase!

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I recently bought the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and then stupidly enough watched the video on YouTube that says the Stippling Brush is for more sheer coverage foundations and the Expert Face is for more full coverage, so now I want to try this brush to see if it is better for my foundation than the stippling brush.

5. Topshop Beaded Peter Pan Collar - As I'm going back to college next week (noooo!), I've been looking more for college clothes than I have casual out of college clothes, and because we have to wear a top with a collar, I thought buying some collars would be a good idea and I absolutely adore this one. It's quite girly compared to what i usually go for!

Everyday Make-Up #2

Benefit Porefessional  (Sample Size), MAC Oil Control LotionMaybelline Super Stay 24h 010 IvoryMAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30MAC Studio Fix NC30,  Real Techniques Stippling BrushNARS Laguna BronzerNARS Deep Throat Blusher, Maybelline Colossal MascaraSleek Dip-It EyelinerBenefit Speed Brow, MAC  187SE Brush, Topshop Lipstick in MinkMAC Fix+ 100ml
I've decided that I'll actually write more personal on this blog on these type of posts every so often now, so it doesn't become tooooo serious!
I didn't have too much of a busy bank holiday weekend, but I never really do to be honest, not being 18 is actually such an inconvenience a lot of the time. But only 3 months until I am 18, wahoo! I spent the whole of Sunday at my house with my boyfriend and then the Monday it was one of my best friends birthdays so we went on a little shopping trip to Bury and had Nandos too, highlight of my week. Me and my boyfriend are hoping to go bowling and to Nandos tomorrow (again, yay!).
How was your Bank Holiday weekend? 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Origins Spot Remover Pads

Origins Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads - £22

These Origins Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads are a part of the "Spot Remover" family along with the Super Spot Remover Gel. On one side of the included pads, there is a bumpy, therefore exfoliating, side and each pad contains Salicylic Acid, Clove and Oregano. These work together to help unclog pores and to help get rid of, prevent and fade blemishes.
At first when I first saw these, I didn't like the thought of spreading around the bacteria on your face with one small pad and didn't think they would help my skin. However, once I got into the routine of using them in the AM and PM like the pot instructs you to do, they have 100% worked! The redness of the scars on my face have diminished significantly, I barely get any random breakouts anymore and the spots that I do get (when used along with the Super Spot Remover Gel) go within a few days and the redness of them is much smaller now than it was before I started using these pads. However, I have quite sensitive skin around my eyes so when I use the exfoliating side near my eyes, I find that it stings a little bit so I have to use the opposite side of the pad if necessary. Also, in relation to other Origins products, the packaging of these is fairly big and bulky so it is quite hard to store although this is a minor detail compared to how well they work. Overall, I think I will be repurchasing these very soon as I'm coming to the last few pads in my pot, oh nooo!! 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

On the MAC Cosmetics website, they claim that the Studio Finish Concealer is a 'lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer' and to some extent I do agree with this. I wouldn't say that this is one of their lightweight concealers if you want to get good coverage like me although if using for things like blotchiness, it could definitely be seen as a lightweight concealer but if you want to cover spots, blemishes, scarring etc you definitely need to apply more to get fuller coverage, making it more on the medium/heavy side! 
For over a year now this has been my go-to concealer as I have a fair bit of spot scarring on my face and it covers the redness of blemishes really well and it stays put throughout the day with only needing to reapply minimal amounts during the day which I love! If you're looking for a concealer to cover up dark circles under your eyes, when first applying it, it does have good coverage for them however over the course of the day I have found that it sinks into the fine lines under the eyes so I would say it is slightly too heavy for this area of the face. If you have dry - normal skin, this concealer may not be the best for you as it is very creamy and doesn't apply very well around dry places/blemishes on the skin. 
I tend to use this concealer both under and over my foundation, however i do use a lighter shade under my foundation and when I use it I seem to have flawless skin coverage, which is what I am aiming for. I love this product and will probably always use this as it is in a reasonable price range of only £14.50 and it lasts for a good 6-12 months depending on how much you use. If you're looking to start a MAC collection this is definitely worth investing in to start off your collection especially for troubled skin.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Everyday Make-Up #1

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Origins Out of Trouble Mask - £20

Origins Out of Trouble mask is designed for oily-combination skin and to keep the skin, basically, 'out of trouble'. It uses Zinc-Oxide and Sulfur which absorb the impurities and also uses Camphor which calms the skin. The mask uses these ingredients as part of a 3-part plan; to reduce oil on the skin, get rid of dead skin cells and to take away things like flaky skin. After this 3-part plan is complete your skin should be oil free, nice and soft and should be less prone to breakouts as the mask will be stopping these potential outbursts. 
I've been using this mask for around a month now, once a week and I have noticed a massive difference in the texture and look of my skin. Before using this mask, throughout the day my skin would become oily and you could see a definite shine on my face but since using this the amount of oil and shine you can see on my face has seriously decreased! It has also helped reduce the amount of breakouts I get around 'that time of the month' which is really the only time I get any sort of spots now due to some antibiotics I am on. Like all the other Origins products I use, I definitely feel that this works and is quite a bargain for how little you actually need to use (I use 2 pea size amounts usually but layer up over any problem areas) and how often too! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who suffers from oily skin and/or bumpy textured skin.
What's your favourtie Origins mask??

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekly Wishlist #1

1. Zara Studded Leather Shopper - I'm in dire need of a new college bag for when i go back in September so hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on this before then!

2. Origins Brighter By Nature Peel - On the Origins website, they claim that this is best for dark spots & discolouration. I've suffered with bad skin for a large sum of the past few years going back and forth between varying products and antibiotics to help clear it up. Only recently have I started using origins products that have actually made such a massive difference and now I just want everything. Because of my bad skin, I've been left with scarring and reading the reviews on the website for this, it seems to be the best thing out of the origins collection to help diminish the scars but with such a hefty price tag (£30!!!!!), I'm not too sure how soon i'll be buying this.

3. NARS Laguna Bronzer - Yes, i am another one of those people who have joined onto the hype of this bronzer. Back in April, I was on a family holiday to Florida and mum decided to treat me in Sephora to one thing and this is what I chose before I had any idea of the huge buzz around this product and it's safe to say that this is the best bronzer I've ever used and unless i find something else that's even better (doubtful) this will be a must-have product for my every day makeup! I need to repurchase this very soon as mine is on it's last legs :(

4. MAC 109 Small Contour Brush - I currently use a cheapo blush brush, that malts all over my face when I put on my bronzer and blush and frankly it is getting right on my nerves. I don't own any proper MAC brushes apart from the mineralize collection ones which are brilliant so I may need to invest in this brush too.

5. Office Nighthawk Boots - When I first saw these boots in the Office shop in Manchester, I fell in love with them! They are so similar the extremely expensive yet bloody gorgeous Chloe studded boots that a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing and I need them. Hopefully, i'll be able to talk my mum into getting these bad boys for me!  

What's on this weeks wishlist for you? 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Models Own Polishes

From thumb to little finger: Bare Beauty, Purple Blue Beetle Juice, Ibiza Mix, Indian Ocean & Hedonist

I've only recently started re-purchasing Models Own nail polishes as the first time I bought them i found them to chip/peel quite easily which really put me off! However, the amount of blogs that I follow that rave on about them and are constantly wearing them made me rethink this and buy some more. I decided on going for the buy 5 save £7 offer and so i chose these 5 which arrived 5 days after i ordered them but only because I ordered them on a Friday which was silly of me!
On the website, Bare Beauty looks more of a brown/beige nude tone and as I only have pink nude tones in my ever-growing collection of nail polishes I opted for this in hope that it would turn up being the same or at least similar to the swatch given on the website. Sadly, it turned up at my house and I was disappointed that it is actually more pink than brown, however, i an absolutely adore this colour! It's super glossy and even though it's on the pink of the "nude" scale, it still looks like a natural nail colour. Very good for when you're going for a more toned down look.
Purple Blue Beetle Juice and Indian Ocean are part of the "Beetlejuice" collection at Models Own and to be honest, at first I wasn't too fond of the whole one nail varnish but two colours type thing but after seeing a few of my favourite bloggers wearing the Indian Ocean colour, I added a couple to my basket. When wearing Indian Ocean the pink that you can see in the bottle disappears and is more of an undertone to the pale blue and the glitter. On the other hand, the Purple Blue Beetle Juice colour looks absolutely amazing when it's actually being worn on the nails. In the bottle you can only see much variation of colour when holding it to the light however when it is on the nails the gold glitter, the purple and the blue all stand out from each other, they seriously compliment each other so well.
The last two in my order are both part of the Hedkandi collection. Ibiza Mix is on every single persons blog ever at the moment, so I decided to see what the hype was about and added it to the basket. It looked so cool when it was in the bottle when it first arrived. I first used Ibiza Mix over the Hedonist colour and it does need, in my opinion, at least 2 layers to get it so it has a good coverage over a base colour though I am yet to try it on its own!  Hedonist is by far my favourite one of the five! I have only ever seen it worn with Ibiza Mix over the top so when I applied it and it turned into a matte nail polish I was over the moon! And it made me love it even more. On the picture above I am only wearing one coat of Hedonist and it is still so bright and it dries amazingly quick but not too quick that if you've missed a bit of nail it won't be the same layer.
Overall, they are all worth spending £5 on them each as I have found that none of them chip massively, unlike some of my Barry M polishes which is what I usually go for, although I don't keep them on for longer than 3 days at the most usually so I couldn't say what they're like for longer than that. They also dry reasonably quick but be careful with Ibiza Mix as that does take a bit longer than the other polishes. I will definitely be buying more Models Own polishes again to add to my expanding collection :-)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hello there...

Hi! This is my first official post on my new blog; SAMIWARBS. I'm going to start it off by doing a basic introduction to myself.

My full name is Samantha Paige Warburton (yes, like the bread), i'm 17 years old and I currently reside in Lancashire in the North West of England. Hopefully you can work out where my screen name came from.

In short, i'm hoping to make this blog dedicated to fashion, beauty and just my general life. I've started it to try and boost my personal statement for university. Recently I have become extremely passionate about beauty and make up more specifically, although I have been into all things around fashion for quite a few years now and I am hoping to get into Fashion PR or something similar later in life. Currently going into my 2nd year of sixth form to finish off A-Levels which are Art & Design, Physical Education and Geography.

I live in a small town that you have probably never heard of called Rossendale, Lancashire which is in the North West of the United Kingdom. I'm looking to study Fashion Promotion & Imaging at the University of Creative Arts in Epsom either in 2013 or 2014 as I am still deciding on whether to go for a deferred entrance instead so I can save some money up and travel.

This blog was started on the 15th of August 2012. I decided to create this on a whim as I have been a reader of blogs similar to what I am hoping to do for around a year and a half now, and a couple of my teachers at Sixth Form have said that it would help with my personal statement too as well as it being of personal interest to start a blog up! Reading all the amazing blogs that I already love, definitely inspired me to begin one for myself.

Here's a picture of me(centre) with one of my best friends, Caitlin(right) and Evie(left) on a recent trip to New York with school.