Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NARS Laguna Bronzer, on the Next Hype.

Yeah yeah, I know it's been ages! I've been extremely busy finding a job, keeping up with college (art most of the time!) and other things, mainly seeing my boyfriend and I just haven't had any time whatsoever to get a new blog up!
ANYWAY. My lovely mother bought me this bronzer as a sort of well done present for finally passing my driving theory after my fourth attempt (ha what am I!?), which was a huge relief because, as you can see, I was scraping up the last morsels from my last one and it was killing me that I could see nearly all the pan. Let me just say, this bronzer is 100% the best bronzer I have ever used. It's natural looking, great for contouring, doesn't go patchy, easy to blend and I could list about a million more things!
I reach for this bronzer every single day, ever since buying this I feel like my makeup routine isn't complete without it. The first one I bought was from Florida when I went in April so it has lasted me a good 5/6 months, which I think is great value for money especially with the quality of it too. I'm so thankful that it lasts a long time, it helps me justify the fairly steep price tag yay! It's the perfect balance between shimmer and matte, giving it a more natural look and the actual colour of the bronzer ius beautiful too, it helps create a gorgeous bronzed look rather than going orange on the skin like a lot of drugstore bronzers tend to! NARS packaging is my all time favourite, it's so sleek and glamorous and if I could afford to buy all my makeup from NARS just based on the packaging alone, I would definitely do it. If you're looking to buy this bronzer, it's available in Selfridges, NARS website, Asos and Space NK.
Have you ever tried Laguna?? 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Uh oh..!

Uh ohhh, I haven't posted in so long and it's really annoying that I can't all because of college and the NEW JOB that I recently got at Nandos. These are some pictures from a friends 18th fancy dress birthday party, I went as an "80's punk rocker' because my original plan of being Jessie J didn't go to plan on the day so I had to throw something together last minute!!
But yeah anyway, once I get back on track with being back in Sixth Form and get into a proper routine with my new job, hopefully i'll be able to start posting more regularly.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Estēe Lauder Double Wear Foundation

It feels like I haven't posted anything on here in absolutely ages even though its only been a day! On a recent quick trip into Bury for a job interview, I nipped into Debenhams to have a look at the double wear foundation as mine Maybelline one had started to look a little bit cakey and I was thinking about changing up my foundation to more of a high end brand anyway. I actually only went in for a sample to try out for a few days, but I was roped into trying the foundation with one of the women and then into buying it, well actually my mum bought it for me haha! 
I know full coverage foundations aren't for everybody especially around this time of year when it's a bit warmer so more people tend to reach for tinted moisturisers or BB creams. Me, however, I do not like light coverage foundation or anything else similar as I have scarred skin from having problems with my skin in the past and it's also quite blotchy on occasion too so I go for the full coverage and obviously Double Wear foundation ticks all these boxes! When applying it, I use around 2 pea sizedd amounts to cover my whole face and I buff it into my face, with this foundation I tend to find that a little goes a long way. It covers all my scars, blemishes and blotchiness 100% and I am totally in love with it. The finish of the foundation is matte but has quite a satin look to it too, making it look very natural. However, if you don't like the "make up" look, this foundation is not for you. The packaging of the bottle is really sleek and simple which I love but the fact that you have to tip it out of the bottle means that you can end up wearing/wasting more foundation than you need to which, for the price, will put a lot of people off but considering how amazing and true to what it says on the bottle this foundation is I think it is totally worth £27.50 and I will definitely buy it again.
Have you used Double Wear foundation before? What do you think? 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My First Graze Box

The other day I was just browsing through some new posts of the bloggers I follow, and on one of them I follow had a promotion code for a free Graze box! The amount of times I have heard about these graze boxes was starting to get ridiculous considering I still hadn't tried one, so I stepped up finally and placed an order for one.
The website for Graze boxes is extremely easy to navigate and easy to read, making the order process very fast! They have over 100 products to look at and rate so they can choose a group of 4 snacks to send to you. The snacks, or "punnets" as they call them, that I received were the, Herby Bread Basket, Barbecue Pistachios, Honeycomb Crunch and the Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks and all of them are so so nice! I cannot fault any of them. The portion sizes are extremely generous for the money you pay and the quality of the food is amazing too. All of the punnets say what makes each one good for you such as the Herby Bread Basket is classed as 'extra light' as it only has 87 calories in which is crazy considering its all bread products! I showed my mum the box and she'd heard about them before too in a few of the magazines she reads and loved it too, so I think we may be making a proper order of these soon, yay!
Overall I love the whole concept and content of Graze boxes and would love to get some more in the near future to try some more of their brilliant products! Have you ever tried a Graze box? What did you think??

Use this code 6C15KWZC to get your first free Graze Box!!

Not a sponsored post.

My Week in Pictures

Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2
Complete #2 Complete #2 Complete #2
first graze box!! / it's on its waaay / estee lauder double wear foundation / new fave ipad game / models own in bare beauty / my sister found this 1kg of choc in a vending machine / patrick wrapped up / outfit / new clothes / my new boots! / got some new makeup / my boyfriend dropped the butter on the floor haha!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekly Wishlist #3

1. Kukee Cuff Chain Bangle - I've wanted a cuff bracelet for absolutely ages now and i've looked high and low in every high street store I go in, but then I came across this amazing website called and it has every type of jewelry that I love and I want it all, this will definitely be my first buy off the website at a steal of £3.50, it just has to be done!  

2. Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything Kit - These new benefit kits really caught my eye when I was browsing their website the other day, I love the Porefessional primer and I used to use the Boi-ing concealer before I discovered MAC Studio Fix Concealer, i'd love to give all this a try.

3. Topshop Basic Crop Tee in Burgundy - I have the white version of this top and I wear it all the time! So I think it's time I bought another colour and wore that about 100 times too ha!

4. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers - Every person on the planet raves on and on about these eyelash curlers and I just really want to know if they are as good as everyone says as I have the most stubborn eyelashes ever when it comes to curling them, maybe it's because I can never justify spending over £5 on eyelash curlers so it might be coming to the point where I suck it up and get them.

5. Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer - Another beauty blogger hype that I want to join. My hair is so damaged, frizzy and full of split ends and it needs dire help. Everyone and their dog raves about this! Meaning I need to give it a go to fix my rubbish quality hair. 

New Louise Gray for Topshop Collection

Louise Gray Topshop Pic 2 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 1 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 4 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 5Louise Gray Topshop Pic3 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 6 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 7 Louise Gray Topshop Pic 8
Photos courtesy of

As a regular shopper/window shopper of Topshop, instore and online, I can't help but notice these new brightly coloured, glitzy items that have come in recently. The new Louise Gray collection that has just been released in only the flagship London store, Selfridges in London and online, and it has been a huge hit! The well designed, tailored yet baggy pieces are amazing quality but the only way to describe the whole collection is sequins, sequins and more sequins! And being a lover of all things glittery I love it all, espeically the smiley face t-shirt, which if it wasn't a huge £130, I would snap it up straight away!
The collection also includes new makeup items too, all of which are bright, glittery and over the top. From brightly coloured eyeshadow to colour-popping lipsticks to glitter nail polishes all beautifully packaged in pastel and metallic colours. Price ranges from £6.50 to £200.
Do you like Louise Gray's new collection?? 

Monday, 3 September 2012

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I saw one of my favourite bloggers (Lily) do this tag around a week ago now and I became really curious of how much my everyday make up costs me so I decided to join onto this tag, making it my first ever tag post, woo!! The idea behind this tag is to just basically list all the make up you use and their prices, add them up and you get your result price. I'm not too sure how much mine will end up costing as I use a mix between drugstore and high end make up!

All of this comes to a total of £127.57, which I think is a reasonable amount considering every other tag of this I have seen comes to £150+ so for once I am quite happy to be below average!! However this isn't including, primers, moisturisers, brushes or anything like that which i know would bring my price up to way above £150, but let's ignore that fact ha! I do get a lot of wear out of all the products I use so I feel the "CPW" (cost per wear) helps justify spending a fair amount of money on good products, I like to think this anyway...! How much does your face cost, i'm really quite interested?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Money Supermarket Passion for Fashion Competition Entry

Necklace - Asos

The inspiration behind this look is from the festival season of the year! However, I went with the a warmer approach to the festival look as, let's face it, we are in England! Even though this could be worn for a festival it could be worn when walking your dog, at a BBQ or just going on a general walk. I went with the baggy top instead of a fitted top more for comfort whilst at a festival and it can be worn tucked into the shorts or just left loose too! The necklace is from the Asos sale. 
 Dress - Motel @ Ark
Clutch - Internacionale
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell @ Office 
Nail Polish - Models Own 

For the party outfit, I went for a bold statement dress with plain and simple accessories. I love how this dress was originally £30 but in the Ark sale it was reduced down to just £11(!!!!) which is great value for a dress from Motel which are really great quality. I chose a bright nail polish that went with some of the colour in the dress to compliment the dress and to stand out when holding the plain black clutch bag. With the price of the dress, clutch and nail polish being very small, I decided to go for a statement shoe and where better to go than to Jeffrey Campbell! The huge silver claw up the back of the heel is massively on trend for autumn/winter as well 

Boots - Office 
Nail Polish - Models Own 

With this outfit, I went with a more simple approach inspired by the recent trend of studs and dark colours that are taking over the high street ready for autumn/winter! Even though none of these things have saved any money as they are not sales, the boots from Office a great dupe of the Chloe studded ankle boots which have a MASSIVE price tag of £850 so if you can't find yourself able to justify that massive amount of money for some shoes, these are a great, much more affordable dupe to them. 

Rings - H&M 

When choosing this, I decided to go for a more casual first date choice as if you were going to the cinema or bowling maybe! During autumn/winter, leather seems to be on trend so I went with the leather jeggings to match this, but if you're like me and don't like wearing fully neutral colours, I chose this gorgeous messenger bag from Zara to bring a pop of colour to the outfit! The rings from H&M are a great bargain for 3 rings, averaging at just under a £1 per ring. 

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Heels - River Island
Collar - Topshop 
Watch - Asos
Lipstick - Topshop

Every highstreet store you visit, you always see midi/tube/pencil skirts so I thought this would be a great style to choose for the office look for the competition. Another popular style at the moment is the collar! They are all over the highstreet and even celebrities such as Rita Ora and Pixie Lott are embracing this trend too. With being in England, a jumper like this with an added collar is a great look for work to keep you warm yet looking professional. The gold boyfriend watch from Asos is a good dupe for the ever popular Michael Kors watches that i'm sure everyone is lusting after, just like me, but with a price range of £175 and above, not everybody can afford them, also just like me! So the Asos watch is a great way to embody Michael Kors without forking out the money for the real deal.

Find out how to create your own competition entry HERE!!!