Monday, 3 September 2012

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I saw one of my favourite bloggers (Lily) do this tag around a week ago now and I became really curious of how much my everyday make up costs me so I decided to join onto this tag, making it my first ever tag post, woo!! The idea behind this tag is to just basically list all the make up you use and their prices, add them up and you get your result price. I'm not too sure how much mine will end up costing as I use a mix between drugstore and high end make up!

All of this comes to a total of £127.57, which I think is a reasonable amount considering every other tag of this I have seen comes to £150+ so for once I am quite happy to be below average!! However this isn't including, primers, moisturisers, brushes or anything like that which i know would bring my price up to way above £150, but let's ignore that fact ha! I do get a lot of wear out of all the products I use so I feel the "CPW" (cost per wear) helps justify spending a fair amount of money on good products, I like to think this anyway...! How much does your face cost, i'm really quite interested?

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