Thursday, 6 September 2012

My First Graze Box

The other day I was just browsing through some new posts of the bloggers I follow, and on one of them I follow had a promotion code for a free Graze box! The amount of times I have heard about these graze boxes was starting to get ridiculous considering I still hadn't tried one, so I stepped up finally and placed an order for one.
The website for Graze boxes is extremely easy to navigate and easy to read, making the order process very fast! They have over 100 products to look at and rate so they can choose a group of 4 snacks to send to you. The snacks, or "punnets" as they call them, that I received were the, Herby Bread Basket, Barbecue Pistachios, Honeycomb Crunch and the Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks and all of them are so so nice! I cannot fault any of them. The portion sizes are extremely generous for the money you pay and the quality of the food is amazing too. All of the punnets say what makes each one good for you such as the Herby Bread Basket is classed as 'extra light' as it only has 87 calories in which is crazy considering its all bread products! I showed my mum the box and she'd heard about them before too in a few of the magazines she reads and loved it too, so I think we may be making a proper order of these soon, yay!
Overall I love the whole concept and content of Graze boxes and would love to get some more in the near future to try some more of their brilliant products! Have you ever tried a Graze box? What did you think??

Use this code 6C15KWZC to get your first free Graze Box!!

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