Monday, 20 August 2012

Models Own Polishes

From thumb to little finger: Bare Beauty, Purple Blue Beetle Juice, Ibiza Mix, Indian Ocean & Hedonist

I've only recently started re-purchasing Models Own nail polishes as the first time I bought them i found them to chip/peel quite easily which really put me off! However, the amount of blogs that I follow that rave on about them and are constantly wearing them made me rethink this and buy some more. I decided on going for the buy 5 save £7 offer and so i chose these 5 which arrived 5 days after i ordered them but only because I ordered them on a Friday which was silly of me!
On the website, Bare Beauty looks more of a brown/beige nude tone and as I only have pink nude tones in my ever-growing collection of nail polishes I opted for this in hope that it would turn up being the same or at least similar to the swatch given on the website. Sadly, it turned up at my house and I was disappointed that it is actually more pink than brown, however, i an absolutely adore this colour! It's super glossy and even though it's on the pink of the "nude" scale, it still looks like a natural nail colour. Very good for when you're going for a more toned down look.
Purple Blue Beetle Juice and Indian Ocean are part of the "Beetlejuice" collection at Models Own and to be honest, at first I wasn't too fond of the whole one nail varnish but two colours type thing but after seeing a few of my favourite bloggers wearing the Indian Ocean colour, I added a couple to my basket. When wearing Indian Ocean the pink that you can see in the bottle disappears and is more of an undertone to the pale blue and the glitter. On the other hand, the Purple Blue Beetle Juice colour looks absolutely amazing when it's actually being worn on the nails. In the bottle you can only see much variation of colour when holding it to the light however when it is on the nails the gold glitter, the purple and the blue all stand out from each other, they seriously compliment each other so well.
The last two in my order are both part of the Hedkandi collection. Ibiza Mix is on every single persons blog ever at the moment, so I decided to see what the hype was about and added it to the basket. It looked so cool when it was in the bottle when it first arrived. I first used Ibiza Mix over the Hedonist colour and it does need, in my opinion, at least 2 layers to get it so it has a good coverage over a base colour though I am yet to try it on its own!  Hedonist is by far my favourite one of the five! I have only ever seen it worn with Ibiza Mix over the top so when I applied it and it turned into a matte nail polish I was over the moon! And it made me love it even more. On the picture above I am only wearing one coat of Hedonist and it is still so bright and it dries amazingly quick but not too quick that if you've missed a bit of nail it won't be the same layer.
Overall, they are all worth spending £5 on them each as I have found that none of them chip massively, unlike some of my Barry M polishes which is what I usually go for, although I don't keep them on for longer than 3 days at the most usually so I couldn't say what they're like for longer than that. They also dry reasonably quick but be careful with Ibiza Mix as that does take a bit longer than the other polishes. I will definitely be buying more Models Own polishes again to add to my expanding collection :-)


  1. I haven't tried any Models Own polishes, they sound really good though. Lovely post x

    1. i'd definitely recommend them! thank you very much, love your blog! x