Friday, 24 August 2012

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Origins Out of Trouble Mask - £20

Origins Out of Trouble mask is designed for oily-combination skin and to keep the skin, basically, 'out of trouble'. It uses Zinc-Oxide and Sulfur which absorb the impurities and also uses Camphor which calms the skin. The mask uses these ingredients as part of a 3-part plan; to reduce oil on the skin, get rid of dead skin cells and to take away things like flaky skin. After this 3-part plan is complete your skin should be oil free, nice and soft and should be less prone to breakouts as the mask will be stopping these potential outbursts. 
I've been using this mask for around a month now, once a week and I have noticed a massive difference in the texture and look of my skin. Before using this mask, throughout the day my skin would become oily and you could see a definite shine on my face but since using this the amount of oil and shine you can see on my face has seriously decreased! It has also helped reduce the amount of breakouts I get around 'that time of the month' which is really the only time I get any sort of spots now due to some antibiotics I am on. Like all the other Origins products I use, I definitely feel that this works and is quite a bargain for how little you actually need to use (I use 2 pea size amounts usually but layer up over any problem areas) and how often too! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who suffers from oily skin and/or bumpy textured skin.
What's your favourtie Origins mask??

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